sunday inspo #1

/ 02/02/2014 /
all images from my pintrest, i own nothing.

Going to attempt to use this blog again. Starting with some of my favourite things I've pinned this week. I'm going to try do this every Sunday, but whether or not that becomes a reality is another thing.
I'm also going to post a snippet of some of the work I've produced in 2nd year so far, as well as some pictures of my collection for Indigo and my gift wraps, bags and tags for TigerPrint all of which is handed in tomorrow.
I've got loads coming up in the next month such as a trip to Paris with uni and my second Beyonce show in London at the end of the month as well as a new uni brief coming in the next week, so it feels like a nice time to pick my blog back up.
You can follow me on Pintrest, Twitter, Inspiration Blog, Portfolio if you like.
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