hand in: indigo S/S15 collection & tiger print live brief.

/ 05/02/2014 /

all images are mine, apart from the tiger print moodboard (find the images i used on my pintrest) as well as the tiger print archive mark making. the draping images are from WGSN.

This is probably the project I have found the most stressful, particularly with my indigo collection but its also been one of the most important brief in terms of me realising what kind of design I am, what ways I work best, and what works for me. 

Things I've Learned:
1. My drawing style is important and drawing is important. I would have saved myself a lot of stress and tears if I'd done drawn my little heart out at the beginning indigo. My indigo collection is lacking that element, where thats where my tiger print collection shines.
2. When you get criticism after criticism the best thing you can do is just get on with it, don't get upset or stress. Just try and try again, you will get there eventually.
3. I work well to a short brief.
4. Gift Wear is awesome. I loved working on the two week live brief with Tiger Print. Something I never saw myself enjoying and was 100% dreading, but I produced some of my favourite work that I've produced in my 1 1/2 years at LCA and has opened my eyes to a whole new area of surface design I'd never have put myself in. Thanks Tigerprint :)

I could go on buy yeah, thank god its done.



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